Smart Beauty

I’m a firm believer in “look good, feel good” and vise vera.

It can be as simple as a shower, brushing your teeth and being fully dressed in the clothes you love. It makes you feel GOOD! When you feel good, you’re ready to build your legacy.

The best kind of beauty is from the inside out. Healthy, smart products that are intentionally designed to be safe and achieve our desired outcome is worth every penny! I care so much about what goes into my body because my body has a lot of work to do in this lifetime.



I have partnered with this incredible anti-aging haircare company that brings you efficient, safe, and SMART products. For every hair type, MONAT gets to the root of your hair problems and uses its plant-based technology to turn back time on our locks. Interested in more! Of course you are! I’d love to answer all your questions.

Spray Tanning

Slowing down the clock is important for our hair but it’s even more important to our skin, yet, we all love that summer glow. Using safe, naturally derived ingredients, our solutions are a smart alternative to getting your tan without the risk of skin damage. That’s a major win for me. I’m certified in offering a smooth and flawless airbrushed spray tan that will leave you feeling your best (Remember, aspiring Jane of all Trades over here). If you’re in the Frederick, MD area, come see me, North Shore Tan, and my Lash Extension bestie Megan at Lash Bar by Meg in New Market.

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Spray Tan