Waking Up Inspired

Hi! I’m Claire Payne and I’m so glad you’re here!

I’m the wife to a fireman and mama to three lively littles.

Waking Up Inspired was created to share content that encourages women to live inspired with what they already have through creativity, ingenuity and imagination. We have a legacy to build! And it takes a lot of intention to make sure we’re handing down our very best.

Are you a legacy builder? Let’s do this together, one day at a time.

With Grit and Gumption,

Claire Payne


Inspired by the space between your feet.

Create the space you can thrive in and tells the story of your life. Your home is who you are. This is a part of our story.


Legacy Lifestyle

Building a legacy is about the intention you add to the journey. We have choices every day that make an impact on who we are tomorrow.


Path back to creativity

Creativity isn't an option. We were all created to create. There is something in every single one of us to create and cultivate and I want to explore that without limits.